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Cultivating local talents

Cultivating local talents

KPMG in the Cayman Islands continues to develop local talent by providing scholarship opportunities, CPA support, and rewarding career experiences.

KPMG in the Cayman Islands strives to develop local talent.

We recognize that young Caymanians are the business leaders of tomorrow and together, we can build a better, brighter future.

The CPA designation comprises of four rigorous exams. In order to achieve passing of these exams, it requires dedication, commitment, hard work, determination and streamlined focus. Obtaining a good support network and strong study habits is critical to exam success. Once you achieve this milestone it without a doubt brings prestige and respect amongst peers and those in the accounting / auditing profession.

The designation ensures professional ethics annually which keeps the risk and professional judgment at the forefront of the industry. It provides career development opportunities as well as career security.

At KPMG in the Cayman Islands we firmly believe in this investment of our Caymanian people provides longevity and a robust professional working career.

Staci and Brian are telling us about their experience.

KPMG Cayman staff

What does the CPA accreditation mean to you?

Staci: The CPA accreditation and license is tangible proof of my ability to make a valuable contribution to the firm and my clients. It speaks of my commitment to acting ethically and increasing my auditing and industry knowledge, and provides me with confidence and security in a challenging and competitive market.   

Brian: Accounting is widely referred to as the "language of business", intimating that without an understanding of accounting you can’t comprehend business and its many aspects. I have an inherent passion for business and its impact in the world today, thus making an accounting accreditation the ideal gateway to an array of opportunities.

How has KPMG supported your studies?

Staci: KPMG has been behind me 100% since day one. During my internship, when I first broached the idea of taking Becker FastPass and attempting all of the CPA exams immediately after my university graduation, every manager or supervisor I spoke to was incredibly supportive of that decision and gave me valuable advice on preparing for the exam. Later on, Cindy Reid and Allison Lovinggood set up meetings with me to discuss my plan and ensure I had met all the requirements to sit. Other recent graduates who were in the process of sitting also shared study tips, and I never felt alone in the process.

There is financial support obviously, but the emotional support is almost even more important. People at KPMG were among the first to hear my results when I found out I passed, and knowing how excited and happy they were for me made the experience even more special. 

Brian: KPMG has supported my studies in many aspects. Gaining real world experience through my time with the audit practice helped me immensely with that particular section of the exam. KPMG also facilitated my attendance at the Becker Intensive Course which helped prepare me for the CPA exam with its rigorous yet focused learning format.

What is next for you?

Staci: As a recently qualified public accountant, my biggest priority right now is to increase my knowledge of the hedge fund and alternative investments industry. I already feel that I have learned so much in the short time that I have been with KPMG since graduating university, and look forward to gaining even more valuable experience in the coming months.  

Brian: My immediate career goals are to continue learning about the funds world and to reach management level at my firm. In the long term I hope to expand my knowledge with regard to professional services as a whole and reach executive level in the fields of consultancy and advisory services.

What advice would you offer other students studying for their CPA?

Staci: Someone once told me that one of the biggest challenges of the CPA exam was suppressing the urge to panic. It sounds a bit silly, but is so true. Plan wisely, come up with an effective study plan and stick to it, and try to remain calm during your exams. There is a reason you have made it this far.

If you are persistent and work hard, you will be successful. Good luck! 

Brian: First and foremost, I would tell anyone studying for their CPA accreditation to never give up. After making that commitment to take the CPA exam and sticking with it, my advice would be to remain as efficient as possible by identifying the most important areas of learning and creating a sensible study plan.

"On behalf of the partners and staff, we congratulate these talented individuals for reaching their goals. As an Investor in People, we encourages staff to reach their full potential through a structured learning and development high performance program. We look forward to watching Brian and Staci’s careers continue to flourish.”

Sheenah Hislop, KPMG Partner