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Internships and training

Internships and training

Internships, work experience and secondments

  • We have a wide range of internship opportunities across all our departments.
  • Audit is our largest department where many of our interns work. It is the largest department in the business consisting of Asset Management, Insurance, Banking and Enterprise.
  • Our internships will provide you with amazing opportunities, including training, client engagement, networking, citizenship activities and much more.
  • Each intern will be assigned a Buddy to help answer questions, show you around the office and generally provide guidance for your time at KPMG.
  • There are many different networking and team building opportunities during your internship program.
  • All interns are encouraged to complete an ‘Intern challenge’- an interactive opportunity for interns to get to know the office and their peers better.
  • Please reach out to Cindy Reid for more information on internships.

Work experience opportunities
  • KPMG works with local schools and their work experience opportunities throughout the academic year.
  • We provide a variety of opportunities to gain experience across all our departments, including: 
  • Please reach out to your careers or work experience contact at school for more information.


Global secondments (post qualification)

  • Once you have received you professional designation and with at least two busy seasons of experienced work completed, you will be eligible for a global secondment placement at a KPMG Global Office for a period of six or twelve months.
  • All fees will be covered by us and we will work with you to find the right position at the right firm for you to expand your horizons through international exposure.
  • Please reach out to Abbie Thompson for more information on Global Secondments. 


Professional qualifications

KPMG has support programs for those eligable to pursue CPA (USA), CPA (Canada), ACCA and ACA (UK).

To apply, you must:

  • Be Caymanian or hold a Caymanian status.
  • Have a relevant undergraduate degree, graduate degree or credit hours.
  • Be employed by KPMG and approved to participate.
  • Be eligable to sit under the requisite National accounting body. 

More information:

  • Graduates will be assigned mentors when working towards attaining their qualifications.
  • Funding will be provided to cover study materials, revision courses, exam costs, and, where necessary, travel and accommodation.
  • Approved study leave is provided for sitting exams and for study leave. 
  • There will be a designated ‘champion’ at KPMG to discuss your progress and answer any questions you have.
  • There is a large alumni network from this program, as well as a firm filled with professionals who are ready and willing to help you.
  • Working at KPMG allows you to gain the relevant work experience hours needed for your professional designation.