Promoting inclusive development

Promoting inclusive development

Inclusive development seeks to ensure benefit from economic and social development.

Inclusive development seeks to ensure benefit from economic and social development.

KPMG Cayman staff volunteering

Inclusive, sustainable development seeks to ensure that all people benefit from sustainable economic and social development. This is fundamental to our work and can be seen in our approach to tackling projects that assist with the development of our youth, sustaining our marine life, raising awareness and funding for various forms of cancer across all ages. Our KPMG people work together to support various charities through volunteering and contribute to projects that tackle poverty and help improve the livelihoods of our communities both locally and internationally.

Responding to disasters

Devastating natural disasters are occurring all around the globe with increasing frequency, exacerbated by climate change. These often disproportionately affect those who  are least resilient.

As a global network of member firms, natural disasters affect everyone at KPMG – our people, our communities and our business. Our responses to recent catastrophic natural disasters powerfully demonstrate our values that, "We are committed to our communities," "We work together" and "We lead by example."

Funding recovery

KPMG International and KPMG member firms, including KPMG in the Cayman Islands, have been involved with a number of significant relief and recovery efforts.

Following a disaster, our member firm will typically organize fundraising efforts. Funds raised are then channeled through our preferred NGO and development organizations.

Examples of fundraising activities include:

  • Nepal earthquakes, 2015
  • Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, 2013
  • Pakistan floods, 2010
  • Haiti earthquake, 2010
  • Hurricane Paloma in Cayman Brac, 2008
  • Hurricane Ivan in Grand Cayman, 2004
KPMG Cayman staff volunteering

Putting our skills to work

In recent years, KPMG in the Cayman Islands have applied our business skills as well as money to make a greater and more lasting difference.

To do so, we collaborate with non-governmental organizations and KPMG International programs that have vast expertise, operations on the ground, and a global reach and outlook to match KPMG's network of firms. 

Working alongside them, we help to alleviate suffering, promote economic development and rebuild communities. Our firm also often maintains lasting commitments to the Cayman Islands community throughout post-disaster recovery and development, such as on-going support to educational institutions and involvement in subsequent rebuilding projects.

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