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Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

Although the Kuwait is largely know in the tax world as a tax-free environment.

Corporate Tax

Although the Kuwait is often seen as a tax-free environment, it has had an established tax system in place since 1955.

The Kuwait government is keen to diversify its revenue sources and is currently studying the impact of broadening its tax base.


How KPMG can help:

We provide expert advice on domestic and international corporate tax issues with the objective of sharing our experience and industry knowledge to help make your commercial objectives a reality.       

  • Corporate Tax Compliance 
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Local Taxes
  • International Tax Services
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax on Cash Dividends
  • Effective Tax Rate Management, Foreign Tax Credit Planning, Repatriation Planning, and Intellectual Property Services
  • International Tax Centers of Excellence


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