Welcome to the first edition of the KPMG 2021 Kuwait CEO Outlook. 

A Kuwait-centric insight inspired by KPMG’s marquee publication, Global CEO Outlook, which, for many years now, has been presenting the thoughts, perspectives, strategies and concerns of CEOs globally. 

The first edition of KPMG 2021 Kuwait CEO Outlook presents thoughts, perspectives, strategies, and concerns from 30+ CEOs in Kuwait. The survey, conducted through August and September this year, provides quantitative and qualitative insights from several market leaders across various sectors in Kuwait. 

Overall, our results show that Kuwait's CEOs are starting to feel optimistic and confident, expecting aggressive growth. 96 percent of the CEOs interviewed are confident of their company's growth in the coming 1–3 years, with 88 percent of CEOs stating that they are looking to make acquisitions in the next three years to help grow and transform their businesses.

KPMG 2021 Kuwait CEO Outlook finds optimism in the boardroom as Kuwait CEOs look confident and expect aggressive growth

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