As the businesses and enterprises in Kuwait enter into the post-lock down phase, the way we operate could go through a shift in style. We might see significant investments in digitisation for productivity and resilience.  It has been the organisations that were able to move to efficiently to remote working that have been able to weather the storm best. 

However, as restrictions are lifted, we should remember that Covid has not gone away, although we are becoming more used to living with the threat of a second peak, companies have an obligation to safeguard the health of their employees and any customers or suppliers that visit their offices.  Unfortunately, the virus is prevalent within all areas of society of your employees whilst not being protected by you in your office may meet friends, neighbours, or salespersons in the local shop, which are affected.  Therefore, you may want to extend your care by tracking the whereabouts of an employee to ensure that they do not venture into known effected hotspots and if they do, then you can advise them to take appropriate action.

Keeping the safety of people in mind and ensuring the smooth functioning of businesses, KPMG  has come up with the 'K-Trace' app. KPMG's proprietary solution is an all-inclusive solution which aids in ensuring safety and security of employees, thereby aligning the firm in its mission to deliver a 360° view of Covid-19 impact on the firm's workforce.  Using the app, employees can update their health status, travel status and check potential threats encouraging self-precautionary measures. Besides the self-precautionary measures, the app provides a Map overlay to track employees whereabouts in real-time and alerts management for proximity breaches when social distancing norms not being practiced. 

“It may seem like an extreme measure to track employees in and out of the office, however, I think it is better to be safe than sorry, and the tool will also update us immediately if a specific area goes into lock down so we can see if any critical team members suddenly become unavailable."

Donald Teale, Partner - Management Consulting

The app has the functionality to integrate with government published data to track the Covid-19 cases as per geography and warn the employee as they pass through a hotspot. Developed by our KPMG development team in India, the app can be customised as per the requirements of your industry. If an employee exhibits symptons, the app can help the management to track the historical data of the employee to warn colleagues or clients they were in contact with. An early warning system likes this, helps in preventing the further spread of the virus.

The rationale behind developing a mobile-based application is not only to align the organisation with government guidelines but also assist the businesses in informed decision making for Business Continuity Planning.

“One of the underlying reasons we value this app is to try and minimize any impact of infection within the organisation, we are concerned that if we do not manage the process, one infected employee could close down our business.” Donald Teale

The end-users drive the application; in this case, the employees themselves, fulfilling the sense of ownership and responsibility towards the safety of everyone.