KPMG Cyber Security Practice

KPMG Cyber Security Practice

KPMG in Kuwait provides a broad suite of cybersecurity services, bringing a business context to cybersecurity to all levels of the organization, from the boardroom to the back office.

Leveraging cyber security techniques while improving the customer experience so that you can remain competitive is a delicate balancing act for organizations today. Rapid shifts in technology, new and increasingly sophisticated threats, and ongoing migration to cloud-based platforms demand companies remain vigilant to safeguard customer and corporates data 

We’ve explored a few of the most pressing issues coming to the forefront in 2019 and have provided our perspectives to help companies protect their reputation and grow their business.

Some of the current and evolving cyber threats and concerns include:

  • The industry wide deficiency of cyber skills
  • The ongoing weaponization of AI
  • Data privacy and protection
  • Fraud and cyber risk
  • The importance of IAM
  • Phishing

KPMG can help organizations perform technical and process-related assessments to identify and evaluate vulnerabilities, so companies can incorporate cyber security into their overall business strategy. By understanding new threats and embracing business opportunities, companies can succeed in protecting data, meeting privacy compliance, and improving customer experiences through new technology and enhanced methodologies.