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Creating an inclusive and empowered society in Kuwait

Creating an inclusive and empowered society in Kuwait

Creating an inclusive and empowered society in Kuwait

The Kuwait Public Authority for Disabled Affairs (PADA) was established in 2010 with a mandate to support persons with disabilities as they integrate into all aspects of society.

Initially, PADA focused on monitoring the provision of social care to people with disabilities, however, over time its role evolved to include providing services, and in 2016, the operation of care homes was transferred from the Ministry of Social Services to PADA, greatly increasing their responsibilities and resource requirements.

As a result, with the support of the United Nations Development Projects, PADA issued an RFP for services to help them restructure their organization to accommodate the change in role and scale.

KPMG was selected to undertake the project, and a team of consultants from Kuwait with expertise in organizational design and process improvement, supported by disability experts from KPMG Australia proposed a new, innovative, structure, based on global good practice and aligned to the UN Convention for People with Disabilities.  The engagement also included a transformation road map outlining an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach to implementation.

During the engagement, it was noted that PADA’s published strategy no longer reflected its new approach.  KPMG then worked with PADA to update the strategy to match the new organization structure and direction.  The updated strategy articulates its mission to promote inclusiveness and support based on a psycho-social model of care.  This updated approach is also in line with the Kuwait 2035 vision for the transformation of the country and the movement from government structured as a service delivery model to a regulator model, in particular.

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