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IFRS Annual update event

KPMG in Kuwait is pleased to announce its Annual update event on IFRS

Date: 4 Dec 2019 | Time: 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM | Venue: 4 Seasons Hotel, Kuwait

2019 IFRS update event

IFRS Annual update event

KPMG in Kuwait is pleased to announce its update event on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Get the latest updates from the world of IFRS with in-depth analysis of the implications on your business

As the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly stringent, it is critical for finance professionals to keep pace with evolving reporting standards. This seminar will provide you with valuable technical interpretations, insights and strategies to overcome real-world challenges in applying the standards.

We will draw upon lessons from the past, analyzing the occasional difficulties of applying IFRS 15 (Revenues from Contracts with Customers) and IFRS 16 (Leases).

We will examine present circumstances, including the latest IFRIC interpretations of current IFRS standards 9 (Financial instruments), 15, 16, and 23 (Borrowing costs), and IAS 21 (The effect of changes in foreign exchange rates).

Finally, we will discuss anticipated developments in accounting, including the changing face of the statement of profit or loss, the increasing importance of non-GAAP measures, and the updated treatment of intangible assets and business combinations.


To register, simply fill the form below or email your details at sghabious@Kpmg.Com


Yusuf Hassan

Meet your trainer

Yusuf Hassan

Yusuf Hassan is one of the leading IFRS experts not just in Kuwait, not just in the GCC, but in the whole of the Middle East. He leads our Accounting Advisory Services in KPMG Lower Gulf (UAE and Oman).

He’s responsible for assisting our clients with technical IFRS-related issues, including interpretation, application and implementation of the latest developments – as well as standard-setting processes and regional issues.

He has provided IFRS assistance to a variety of blue-chip clients across the Middle East and has led IFRS training in this region and in South Africa.

Yusuf is a specialized trainer and has won the 2013 ICAEW Award of excellence in Training Finance Professionals.

In his earlier role as the Head of Department of Professional Practice (DPP) for KPMG in the Middle East and South Asia region, he has assisted the audit teams and clients with technical issues related to the IFRS standards.

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