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KPMG Kuwait Code of Conduct

Kuwait Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct lays out the expectations of ethical behavior for all the people of KPMG, built on the foundation of the KPMG Values.

The Code of Conduct lays out the expectations of ethical behavior

Kuwait Code of Conduct

The KPMG Global Code of Conduct outlines the standards of ethical conduct that KPMG requires around the world. The Global Code applies to all KPMG partners and employees—regardless of title or position—and serves as a road map to help guide actions and behaviors while working at KPMG. It spells out fundamental ethical principles and highlights resources available to help partners and employees understand and uphold those principles.

The Code provides an important framework for our people and our organization as we navigate an increasingly complex, interconnected, and uncertain marketplace. While our fundamental Values have not changed, our Code has evolved to keep pace with developments in law, regulations, and professional ethics. However it does not simply set the standards for our professionals to meet their legal and regulatory obligations - it goes beyond compliance and sets a far higher benchmark to ensure that we meet our public interest responsibility and leave KPMG better than we found it for the generations to that will follow us.

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