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Our team of highly experienced professionals are experts in carrying out consultation in infrastructure both domestically and internationally.

Our team of highly experienced professionals are experts in carrying out consultation...

Our team of highly experienced professionals are experts in carrying out consultation in establishing business plans, conducting feasibility studies, attracting investors and financial advisory services in the field of development and construction of infrastructure both domestically and internationally.

Through KPMG’s Global Infrastructure Project Group, a network specifically designated to provide worldwide infrastructure advisory services, we are capable of providing distinctive and differentiated services to our clients who endeavor to extend their businesses abroad based upon industry know-how and expertise gained through broad-based experiences.


Business plan advisory service

We provide advisory services to both private and public sector clients in preparing business plans, financing strategies and market analysis in relation to diverse SOC private investment projects, private sector apartment housing development projects and land development for housing projects in accordance with the Private Investment Act.


Feasibility study review

Our experience with power generation businesses including renewable energy (e.g. water power, wind power, solar energy) and water treatment, road transport and railway businesses allows us to deliver accurate feasibility studies. As part of our work, we provide domestic and international market analysis, development strategies, risk management measures and financial analysis which help facilitate smarter, faster decision making. We also offer advice on tax related matters of overseas infrastructure projects through our extensive global KPMG network. 

Investment and financial advisory service

Our services include developing strategic plans to attract investors for infrastructure projects with high business value, bringing in strategic investors (SI), providing consultation for project financing (PF), and review of investment terms and conditions for execution of investment projects.

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