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Welcome to Samjong KPMG ACI’s website.

Welcome to Samjong KPMG ACI’s website.

Welcome to Samjong KPMG ACI’s website.

To establish a desirable corporate governance structure, transparency of capital markets’ transactions and public announcements are gaining in significance. Under corporate structure, the audit committee should play a key role to provide oversight of corporate management and major stockholders. Therefore, an increase in demands on audit committee’s and auditor’s professionalism is necessary for an efficient and accurate audit practice.

In other words, audit committee and auditor should actually practice their roles and responsibilities of oversight of the management of the company, and research on the relevant current issues that auditors face such as the auditor’s independent issue.

Therefore, in order to support auditors in assuming their roles and responsibilities in regard to proper oversight and independence, Samjong KPMG established ACI (Audit Committee Institute) in April of 2015. Since its foundation, ACI held its first seminar in June of 2015 and a second seminar in June of 2016. Also, ACI published the Audit Committee Handbook, developed an ACI Auditor Program, a training program for audit committee members, and contributed to journals to support audit committees and auditors. 

In addition, Samjong KPMG ACI will perform research on the work of audit committee , publish ACI Journal, and provide facilitate communication among the audit committee members and auditors. For instance, Samjong KPMG ACI will share advanced cases with Global ACI under the Global KPMG Network and provide opportunities to communicate with global audit committee members.

Over the past twenty years, Samjong KPMG has endeavored to establish strong corporate governance and to secure transparency in the accounting industry. All professionals of Samjong KPMG will make an effort in support of audit committees and auditors.

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Kim, You-Kyoung
Kate, ACI Leader, Partner

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