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Issue Monitor

Issue Monitor

‘Issue Monitor’ presents in-depth analysis on particular industries’ main issues in international and domestic markets. (Korean Only)

‘Issue Monitor’ presents in-depth analysis on particular industries’ main issues in...

Issue Monitor
Corporate valuation for emerging industries and growing companies
Digital transformation in the construction
A breakthrough in the domestic solar industry at the crossroads of growth and culling
Global CVC(Corporate Venture Capital) report – part 2
Global CVC(Corporate Venture Capital) report – part 1
Channel Strategies of Insurance Industry in Korea
The transformation of the mobility ecosystem 
The developer's growth model
The invasion of bigtechs in financial industry
M&A Trends in the Energy Industry
Retail Apocalypse and the Future of Retail
Age of non-contact: Future of Healthcare
2020 H1 Venture Capital Investment Trends
The energy transition and natural gas era
M&A Trends in the Petrochemical Industry
Accelerate LIBOR Transition with KPMG
Google's CVC strategy: Analysis on GV's investment portfolio
Voice AI market analysis: platform, hardware, and services
“Smart Agriculture and Business Ecosystem”
Big data in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges
Innovation in cloud computing - focusing on financial industry
Digital transformation in the logistics industry
Data science for operational excellence: Digital enablers and strategies
Microbiome Revolution
Smart Agriculture and Value Chain
Global M&A Trends in Game Industry
Preparing for the new paradigm in credit card industry
Data centers: New opportunities of alternative investment
Strategic Implications of Korea’s Outbound M&A
How to escape value trap for Korean financial companies: Increasing profitability and dividend payout ratio
TaaS: The Future of the Mobility Business
The present and future of fuel cell industry
IMO 2020 regulation, turning regulatory challenges into business opportunities
The Future of Education Industry 2025: Focusing on Technology Innovation, Platform, and Sharing Economy
OTT Revolution: The changing business landscape in the OTT industry 
Open Banking, The Rise of Change in Financial Industry landscape
Open innovation in the construction industry: Focus on Modularization, Automation, and Digitalization
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Social Value Creation
The energy decarbonization, opportunity as well as obligation
The way to build competitiveness in construction machinery industry
The future of Smart City, Data-driven Smart Cities
Current Status and Investment Oppertunities in the Restaurant Industry
Digitalization trend around Global Investment Banks and its implications in Korea
The Future of Digitalization in the Energy Industry
Industry financial analysis: telecommunication industry
The future of the logistics industry: The rise of the last mile delivery
Industry financial analysis on electronics industry: focus on high-growth firms
Trend Shift to Lightweighting Automotive Materials
Competition in the simple settlement market and direction of corporate response
Data & Smart Healthcare
Petconomy and Pet Business Trends
Opportunities and challenges in online grocery market
ICT Firm Strategies: Winning the Race in the Music Business Ecosystem
Could biopharmaceutical industry lead innovation and growth in the Korean economy?
Financial trends in construction industry (2013-2017)
10 emerging trends in game industry
Market trends and key issues for electric vehicle's core value chain
Evolving Emissions Tranding Scheme(ETS) Market and Companies' Response to Carbon Costs
Industry Financial Analysis - Automobile
Today and Challenges of the Chemical Fiber Industry
Block Chain and Logistics/Distribution Innovation, and Digital Trade
Using AI Algorithms to Generate Business Opportunities
The Financial Industry's Flatification : The Emergence of a Non-Facing Financial Platform
Environment changes in the energy market and response to the post-oil era
Home Shopping industry today
Changes in Value Chain in the Construction Industry
Smart Healthcare
Changes Facing Construction
2018 Energy Issues
Secondary Battery Industry 
Quantum Information Communication : A New Future of ICT
Top 10 Economic Trends in 2018
The Introduction of RPA in Financial Industry
Industry Financial Analysis - Electronic Industry
Industry Financial Analysis - Steel Industry
Industry Financial Analysis - Chemical Industry
Industry Financial Analysis - Construction Industry
Industry Financial Analysis - Automotive Industry
Industry Financial Analysis - Pharmaceutical Industry
8 Risk Factors in Export: What should Companies Do?
4th Industrial revolution and Hyper connectivity,  changing future
Rapid change and Resillence
Media companie's Resilience
A case study of the Chemical Industrys Resilience
Resilience in Retail and Consumer Goods Firms
Construction companie's Resilience
Smart Farming the future of agriculture
6 months after effectuation of Korea-China FTA
The Blockchain Revolution A paradigm shift begins in all industries beyond finance
Opportunity of biopharmaceutical market and plan to secure global competitiveness

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