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Growth strategies of companies in a low-growth period

Growth strategies of companies in a low-growth period

삼정KPMG는 Global Business의 주요 트렌드와 이슈를 신속하게 파악하고, 이에 대한 삼정KPMG를 포함한 전세계 KPMG 전문가들의 연구 결과를 SAMJONG Insight에 담고 있습니다.


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Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institution analyzes growth strategies for the global distribution/consumer goods companies that are racing towards the Next Business and draws insights for client Korean companies in this period of low growth. 

The ERI also analyzed relevant global benchmark cases for Korean companies which recently not only focus on the duty free shops and integrated shopping malls but also have plans for expansion to global markets. Furthermore, ERI identified the success factors to the ‘omni channel’ which recently is the global distribution/consumer good companies’ main point of interest.

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