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Government & Public

Government & Public

Samjong KPMG’s professional team provides support in the creation of value for our clients.

Samjong KPMG’s professional team provides support in the creation...

The public sector, with the central and local governments as well as public enterprises, deal with administration,national defense, public order, and health, which are essential in people’s life. Samjong KPMG has a keen awareness of the importance and nuances of the public sector, and operate a department uniquely equipped to service this need.
Samjong KPMG assists its non-profit clients, including government, public
enterprises, and education institutes with a wide range of services.


Samjong KPMG has an abundance of experience in audit, business feasibility review and finance-related advisory service of public institutions. It also has accumulated a wealth of advisory experience in public enterprises and non-profit organizations. Today, the public sector should meet the increasing demand of public services with a limited amount of resources. To navigate this challenging environment, Samjong KPMG can assist clients with its expertise and insights of the public sector.