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Food, Drink and Consumer Goods

Food, Drink and Consumer Goods

KPMG professional teams help Food, Drink and Consumer Goods clients create new opportunities and continue with their sustainable growth.

KPMG professional teams help Food, Drink and Consumer Goods clients create...

Food, Drink, and Consumer Goods (FDCG) companies are experiencing disruptive changes in the consumption patterns of a new generation that emphasizes the function and affordability of products in an environment that shares product price and quality based on the use of social media, and in the traditional logistics channel whose changes are driven by an online system. Such changes can be both an opportunity and a threat to FDCG companies.


We have provided various services to FDCG companies for a long time, accumulating a diverse set of experiences. Such experiences aid FDCG clients to maintain sustainable growth by transforming the rapidly changing business environment into a new opportunity.


The services are not limited to the traditional ones that support FDCG companies, such as Audit and Tax. Advisory in various fields also exist in Samjong KMPG. In particular, the following sectors are where FDCG clients can find differentiated services to meet their specific needs.


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