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Samjong KPMG provides specialized services through strategic lines of business in each business industry.

Samjong KPMG provides specialized services through strategic lines of business...


Samjong KPMG classifies 24 industrial fields in the areas of finance, information technology and manufacturing into lines of business and provides the world’s most comprehensive accounting, tax, finance and consultation services.


Audit Services

We have specialized professional teams for each industry and provide high quality audit services through strict quality control and system operation to maintain independence.


Tax Services

We have CPAs specialized in tax, tax accountants, lawyers and also former National Tax Service tax specialists and provide both general and comprehensive tax consulting services.


Financial Advisory Services

We provide financial advisory services such as M&A, valuation, and consultation on non-performing loans through detailed market analysis.


Consulting Services

We provide comprehensive consulting services in key areas of a company’s business operations such as management control, IT strategy, and information security to achieve sustainable growth.


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