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Technical Updates

Technical Updates

KPMG's Tax Technical Update is most up to date the amended law and tax administration in Cambodia and the implications thereof.

KPMG's Tax Technical Update is most up to date the amended law and tax administration

We hope that you will find KPMG’s Tax Technical Update useful and we welcome the opportunity to further discuss the issues presented and their impacts on your business.

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Technical Update/ June - Implementation of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements



Technical Update/August - 2017 Tax and Corporate Services

Technical Update/January - Issue 2 - 2017 Law on Financial Manage- 2017 Law on Financial Management (LoFM)

Technical Update/January - Issue 1 - Prakas on the Tax Obligation of Multi-Project Enterprises



Technical Update/October - New Minimum Wage for Textile, Garment and Footwear Manufacturing Sectors for the year 2017

Technical Update/June - Singapore/ Cambodia Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation

Technical Update/May-Issue2 - PPT and Finance Lease

Technical Update/May-Issue1 - Tax Classification

Technical Update/February-Issue2 - Invoices for taxpayers under the Real Regime

Technical Update/February-Issue1 - Sub-decree on the organization and functioning of the Committee of Tax Arbitration

Technical Update/January-Issue3 - Online Business Registration

Technical Update/January-Issue2 - PPT and Finance Lease

Technical Update/January-Issue1 - Tax Classification



Technical Update/December - Notification on the Extension of the Deadline for the Update of Enterprises’Information for Enterprises or Companies Under the Department of the Large Taxpayer until 31 December 2015

Technical Update/October - Notification on the Application for Update of Enterprise’s Informationfor Enterprise or Company under the Department of Large Taxpayers

Technical Update/August - Tax Collection on Transportation Means and all kinds of Vehicles for Year 2015

Technical Update/June - Notification on Calling for Enterprises with Tax Debts to Settle

Technical Update/May - Circulars on the completion of the application for Tax registration or information update

Technical Update/February - Circular on implementation on obligation to withholdTax on Salary (ToS) and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Technical Update/January - Notification on implementation of the provision of Tax on Salary as amended by 2015 Law on Financial Management

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