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Market entry and Business operations

—   Market entry advice

—   Investment and business licensing

—   Business registration and changes

—   Corporate secretarial services

—   Investment, corporate and commercial compliance

Employment and Labor

—   Employment advice

—   Employment contracts

—   Labor compliance including for both foreign and local employees

—   Social security fund registration and compliance

—   Assistance with labor inspections

Corporate and Commercial

—   Regulatory compliance

—   Commercial agreements

—   Intellectual property

—   Corporate compliance audits

Mergers and Acquisitions

—   Due diligence

—   Transaction documentation

Trade and Customs

—   Customs advice

—   Customs duty exemptions and related audits

Restructuring and Liquidation

—   Restructuring advice and implementation support

—   Liquidation advice and implementation support

Non-government entities

—   Registration and compliance


—   Supply chain audits and compliance

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