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KPMG Internship Program offers permanent graduate roles for students in their final year of studies or recent graduates. Please make sure that your graduation month will be no later than August 2023

We're interested in the person, not just an academic record or qualification. We're looking for well-rounded and diverse applicants – people who are resilient, team players, progressive thinkers and can communicate their ideas with passion. We want people who keep on learning, who want to be leaders in their profession and who want to make a difference. .

No, we consider any background.

Internship is mainly for final year students. Newly graduated candidates are still eligible to apply. In addition, we recruit graduates with some work experience as well as people who are taking gap years or pursuing postgraduate courses. If you have substantial work experience, please visit the Experienced professionals section.

Life at KPMG

An organisation's culture can be difficult to define, however ask our people what makes KPMG different, and most will tell you the same thing: it's our open and friendly culture. Of course, it's also a performance-oriented culture. We recognise the hard work and achievements of our people in many different ways. We understand that talented individuals look to their careers for personal development and fulfilment, not just financial reward..

Full-time KPMG employees work 8 hours per day from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, plus one hour for lunch. We embrace and encourage flexible working so you can make your own choices about where, when and how you work. We work from three hubs: the office, client site and home. Depending on the work, you can choose what works for you.

KPMG will provide proper training courses for all level, including Interns to support their jobs. Please get ready to learn practical lessons upon joining firm.

Post application

You will receive a pop-up message upon completion of your online application. Our recruitment team will keep you updated weekly. Please feel free to contact us at

Our recruitment process is designed to promote two-way communication between you and KPMG. We want to be fully transparent about our timeframes and process so that you can understand where you are at and what the next steps are.

You find out about us: We realize that you're considering a variety of career options, so we give you several opportunities throughout our recruitment process to meet our people and discover the benefits of a career with us. We find out about you. We make a dedicated effort to get to know you as an individual and learn what you can offer our firm.

For further information, visit Our selection process.

You will be asked about your career interests, your time at university, extra-curricular activities and any work experience. Our interview questions are motivational and behavioural-based and are related to the skills and behaviours we consider crucial for success at KPMG.

All successful applicants will commence work at KPMG from early December 2022 to February/ March 2023.

KPMG provides a standard allowance to support students during internship period. When you are offered an intern position, it is important to look for opportunities to join a professional firm to support team to work with diverse clients. Not only you can learn practical experience, but it also a great chance to observe, feel and see if you can become an official staff after graduation.

Our timeline has been scheduled very early and randomly. We strongly recommend you try your best to attend the test/interview upon the scheduled time. If you MUST reschedule, please give us as much notice as you can – we will be happy to set a new interview time for candidates who can provide valid reasons.