Supporting Community

Supporting Community

To build our culture and support one of our KPMG's Value "We are committed to our communities"

To build our culture & support one of our KPMG's Value "We are committed to our community"

Living our purpose to “INSPIRE CONFIDENCE and EMPOWER CHANGE”, and core value “Improve Communities”, we would love to drive KPMG CSR commitment every year that each of KPMG employees are encouraged to devote at most 8 hours per year (this could be shared among various schedule over the year) for community services or community development activities at your choice on where you wanted to participate. When you plan for a CSR involvement you need to ensure:

  • Brief venue and purpose of your CSR target projects / activities to your Performance Manager
  • Record your CSR time on timesheet using CSR activities code
  • Brief venue of your CSR target on comment part of the form and get it approved
  • Send a note of your comments and some photos to Corporate Citizenship mailbox after achieving the work for our team reference and promotion.

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