To gain insights into how our people see Covid-19’s implications for the talent agenda, we embarked on a survey, predominantly across East Africa. We wanted their thoughts on impact from an organization and individual perspective as well as pointers on how organizations can better prepare and adapt. This survey focused Coping mechanisms through the pandemic and supporting employees; Essential work skills based on lessons from Covid-19; What leadership skills expect to see post Covid-19; Updates to learning and development plans so that we can better help staff cope with the new normal; Critical measures to include in our performance management framework based on lessons from the pandemic; and What the HR team needs to focus on going forward with respect to its service delivery.


Below are the initial coping strategies adopted by the organizations that made up our response pool


What skills do you expect from your ideal leader going forward?



The findings from the survey are clear but the benefit to us as businesses lie in what we do with the bits of insight. I believe that raising our game as business leaders in these times will mean relentlessly asking the right questions such as:

  • How are we as leaders prepared going forward to turn around productivity and performance?
  • Do we have an actual plan that is based on a thorough analysis of what the future requires against our unique strengths and weaknesses as a business?
  • Or are we chancing it based on industry predictions and hoping we make it?

Based on what we have experienced over the last few months, doing nothing is not an option. We need to ask the right questions with humility and gain clarity on what to change and how to change. That is the stuff that adaptable and successful organizations are made of. We cannot hope that we survive, we must do our best to position all aspects of our business, particularly our people, without whom we will have no business, for success! The people who attempt and plan intelligently for this are the ones who will be here for long.


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