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KPMG IDAS Practice

KPMG IDAS Practice

Kenya Office

Kenya Office

A member of KPMG Africa Limited and part of KPMG in East Africa. The firm’s involvement in Kenya goes back to 1949 when it operated as Angus, Lawrie and Jeremy. The IDAS practice was established in 2007. After three critical formative years domiciled in Johannesburg, South Africa, the practice moved to Nairobi in 2010 establishing it as the headquarter of the IDAS practice In Africa. It has since then served as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) and provided thought leadership to the rest of the continent in order to develop cutting-edge methodologies to support development aid.


The Kenya office located in Nairobi, serves as the regional co-ordinating office for KPMG IDAS, providing the required networking to facilitate delivery of services on a timely basis to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.


With more than 80 professionals, the Kenyan team is implementing some of the largest, most exciting and innovative development programmes in Africa, enhancing health systems and citizen well-being, facilitating energy innovation and adaptation to climate change, supporting agricultural transformation which is leading to the realization of sustainable development. Some of the projects which are being run from the Nairobi office include the Global resilience Partnership (GRP), the Maternal County Innovative Challenge Fund, the MasterCard Fund for Rural Prosperity, Global Fund South Sudan

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Programmes Currently running in Kenya


Fund for Rural Prosperity

Bridging the financial inclusion gap in Africa through the MasterCard Fund for Rural Prosperity

Food Trade

FoodTrade East and Southern Africa

Investing in innovative systems to allow small-scale farmers to improve their inputs and gain access to regional markets.


County Innovation Challenge Fund

Working in collaboration with the Government of Kenya in helping to reduce new-born and maternal mortality.

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Our strategic locations place our expertise within reach of Africa’s most promising development recipients