Wambui Chege

Wambui Chege

Associate Director and Head of Agriculture/Agribusiness sector, KPMG East Africa


Wambui has lived outside Kenya for 16 years and worked in several African countries, which solidified her pan-African experience and understanding of agri-finance conditions on the continent. She has 20 years’ experience in managing a broad range of programmes focused on agri-finance, SME banking and the development of sustainable and inclusive agricultural supply chains.

Wambui joined KPMG from the International Finance Corporation, where she was responsible for the design, delivery and monitoring of technical assistance programmes to financial institutions, agribusinesses, smallholders and governments across Africa. While at IFC, Wambui managed some of the first agri-finance programs in Africa on behalf of IFC’s private sector clients - generating important lessons on sustainability and impact learned.

While working with IFC as the sector lead for agribusiness advisory in Sub-Saharan Africa, Wambui managed a portfolio of agribusiness clients involved in innovative financing models for smallholder farmers. The portfolio spanned various sub-sectors including: coffee, cocoa, tea, palm oil, horticulture, food processing, cotton, poultry, and agro-inputs. Under her lead the advisory services portfolio grew by over 60% to US$11 million for investments worth over US$350 million between 2012 and 2013, with the entire advisory services portfolio projected to grow to over US$50 million by 2017, reaching 400,000 farmers.

Now Wambui is the Team Leader on The MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity (FRP) – a US$50 million, seven year challenge fund focused on rural and agricultural finance. She is also the KPMG East Africa Director responsible for growing the agribusiness portfolio within its IDAS practice. In addition to business development, she also provides quality control and technical support to various agribusiness programs managed by KPMG in the region.

Education and qualifications
  • Bachelor of Commerce from Kenyatta University.

  • Master’s degree in International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University in the City of New York

Professional background and Experience
  • Current: Director in charge of Agribusiness, IDAS Africa, KPMG East Africa

  • Current: Team Leader, MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity

  • Sector Lead - Sustainable Agribusiness Advisory (Africa), International Finance Corporation (IFC)

  • Programme Manager, International Finance Corporation (IFC) / Africa Agri-Finance Programme

  • Programme Officer Global SME Banking Programme, Access to Finance Advisory Department / Global SME Banking Programme which was Multi-Donor Funded (including G20)

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