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We are hiring!

We are hiring

6 Consultants for sustainability services.

6 Consultants for sustainability services.


Prequalification of consultants for sustainability services

KPMG seeks suitable professionals and consulting firms that meet the profiles set out below. The prequalification submission requirements for each are as follows:


  1. Detailed profile of firm or individual consultant.
  2. Academic and professional certificates for suggested personnel.
  3. Minimum ten years of experience in the areaof specialisation.
  4. Detailed description of assignments and projects completed.
  5. Certificates of good completion or reference letters for completed assignments.
  6. Certificate of incorporation for the company and the list of company directors.
  7. Audited financial statements for the company for the past financial year.
  8. Certificate of tax compliance.
  9. Professional indemnity cover.


Click on the link below to apply.