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Update on FinTech Development in Japan

Update on FinTech Development in Japan

Private firms and public institutions in Japan's financial sectors have taken significant steps in responses to recent developments on FinTech, blockchain and virtual currency.


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On April, FSA established a FinTech Expert Panel to promote FinTech start-up growth regardless of borders as well as Japanese exchange commenced proof of concept tests for blockchain development.
On May, laws that regulate virtual currency and allow banks to take greater stakes in FinTech players passed.
Japanese FinTech start-ups have raised significant capital.


  1. Virtual Currency Regulated
  2. Relaxing Restrictions on Bank's Investment in Ventures
  3. FinTech Expert Panel Established by FSA
  4. Significant Actions Taken by Japanese Authorities
  5. Japanese FinTech Startups Beginning to Raise Significant Capital
  6. Up and Coming Japanese Startups Company Profile

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