Foreign Banks in Japan Survey 2013 - KPMG Japan
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Foreign Banks in Japan Survey 2013

Foreign Banks in Japan Survey 2013

This publication is KPMG in Japan's annual survey of the published financial statements of foreign banks in Japan.The financial information included in this survey represent the English translations of the condensed balance sheets for fifty-nine foreign banks registered in Japan and their related condensed statements of income for the year ended March 31, 2013. Among the fifty-nine foreign banks, Citibank Japan Ltd. and Shinhan Bank Japan are incorporated locally, while the remaining foreign banks operate as branches in Japan.


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The condensed financial statements are prepared and published in accordance with the requirements of the Banking Law of Japan. Similar to previous surveys, all financial information is extracted principally from publicly available information, specifically The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Fuji Sankei Business i and respective banks’ webpage, with the exception of certain information voluntarily provided by banking survey participants. We wish to thank the survey banking participants for their valuable contribution. Please note there may be revisions to the published financial information subsequent to March 31, 2013.

The banks are listed in alphabetical order and include rankings by total assets, by ordinary earnings (loss), and by expense/income ratio.

In accordance with the Banking Law of Japan, foreign bank’s financial statements are presented in millions of yen.

This survey is part of a comprehensive series of publications issued globally by KPMG’s Financial Services practice.


  1. Summary of Financial Highlights
  2. Financial Highlights by Bank
  3. Ranking by Total Assets
  4. Ranking by Ordinary Earnings (Loss)
  5. Ranking by Expense/Income Ratio

Foreign Banks in Japan Survey

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