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Nobuhiro Tsunoda


KPMG Tax Corporation

Nobuhiro joined KPMG in October 2013. Before joining KPMG, he worked for the Japanese National Tax Agency (NTA) since 1984. After he spent his early career as a corporate tax examiner, he was engaged in management reform and strategic planning as a director of the taxation office. He has experience of setting policy for the Japanese accounting standards and disclosure system at the Ministry of Finance. He also worked on modernization of the tax administration system in developing countries as a headquarters-based consultant at the Fiscal Affairs Department in the IMF and developed strategy to improve large taxpayers’ compliance as an assistant regional commissioner. Making the full use of such rich experiences in the field of tax administration, he specialized in transfer pricing taxation and contributed to mutual agreement procedures with developed and developing countries as a competent authority, and director of the office of Mutual Agreement Procedures in the NTA. He also contributed to exchange of information as a director of the International Operations Division in the NTA.

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