Introduction of KPMG Ignition Tokyo’s Facilities and Functions

KPMG Ignition Tokyo is an extremely unique facility to support the business transformation of our clients undergoing digitalization.

KPMG Ignition Tokyo is an extremely unique facility to support the business …

Three components of KPMG Ignition Tokyo

KPMG Ignition Tokyo consists of three zones, the “Insights Center,” “Innovation Lab” and “Lighthouse,” aiming to acquire new talent/skills and achieve a new model as a professional firm. 

Lighthouse - Hub for research and development

Data engineering, DevOps, system and application engineering are conducted to develop digital solutions geared towards a broad range of industries.

Light house

Innovation Lab - A space for sparking open innovation

A space for creating solutions as a strategic design consultancy, such as strategy and solution planning, design-thinking workshops, and research and concept planning.

Innovation Lab

Insights Center - To experience the digital future

The Insights Center carries out data science, data analysis and PoC design utilizing the latest 3D visualization technology to bring to light new insights. 

Insights Center

Meeting rooms based on the Japanese theme of “Kacho-Fugetsu”

Meeting rooms for visitors are created with the Japanese theme of beauties of “Kacho-Fugetsu (flower, bird, wind and moon, representing the beauty of nature), and each room has a different design based on one of these beauties. We believe that the thought we put into the designs reflects the passion we feel towards the solutions we provide. In addition to presenting designs unique to Japan, the meeting rooms have a white board covering an entire wall, providing a space for discussions in a way that is different from before.

the Japanese theme of  the beauty of natuer

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