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Case studies

Case studies

KPMG LINK 360 can help deliver value for your business. Below are some examples of how businesses have used and benefited from the application.KPMG LINK 360 can help deliver value for your business. Below are some examples of how businesses have used and benefited from the application.


Managing operational risk

US-based IT and services group uses KPMG LINK 360 to provide a framework for its global management of indirect taxes as it transitions to global shared service centers. KPMG LINK 360 enabled the deployment of global standard controls which eliminated the requirement for manual analysis of data from different centers and continues to provide management information to the central team and standardized global controls.

Deliver better management information

A leading bank with operations throughout Africa uses KPMG LINK 360 to capture tax cashflow information across its corporate network, automatically combining data from existing systems and manual entry where no suitable system existed. This information is available to global and regional managers in real time, using the reporting capability of KPMG LINK 360.

Create a single global workplace

A multinational foodstuffs group with headquarters in Asia Pacific has used KPMG LINK 360 for several years to manage operations across a complex network of companies in six continents. KPMG LINK 360 provides the only common, shared resource that allows all internal and external teams to share and collaborate on documents in a secure, tracked environment. Documents are regularly backed up to the client’s servers to ensure local retention requirements are met.

Collaboration across boundaries

As part of a larger project with KPMG Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS), a global pharmaceuticals group used KPMG LINK 360 to help establish compliance processes and accountabilities across the team. KPMG LINK 360 has enabled the definition and sharing of processes across teams and provided real-time monitoring by client and KPMG teams, leading to better informed, more focused engagement between teams and more time for value-add discussions.

To discuss how KPMG LINK 360 may be able to help your business, speak to Phil Striplin, Global Technology Manager, GCMS.

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