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Integrate cyber threats

Cyber security is a wider business issue that requires board-level leadership

While cyber security has a strong IT component, it is also a wider business issue that requires board-level leadership. It is critical for cyber security to be integrated into an organization’s culture and key decision making processes. Failure to establish a connection between cyber threats and an organization’s culture may lead to the decline of a business’s reputation and, ultimately, competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The integrate phase of KPMG’s Cyber Security Framework is about embedding cyber security in the culture and decision making of an organization to help ensure it stays one step ahead.


What’s on your mind?

  • How can we raise awareness of cyber risks in the organization and the boardroom?
  • How can we translate the impact of cyber threats into understandable business terms?
  • How do we embed the management of cyber threats into our overall risk management and decision making?
  • How do we create a more cyber-secure culture?

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