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Cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence - cyber security

The financial and reputation costs to recover from cyber attack can materially impact public and private organizations

The most mature organizations anticipate cyber threats and attacks to help minimize the impact rather than merely respond to the event.

Matching our industry experience with our technical skills, KPMG member firms work closely with clients to design and implement cyber intelligence functions and security operations centers.


What’s on your mind?

  • How do we move from reacting to anticipating cyber attacks?
  • How do we make sense of the cyber threats we face?
  • How do we establish an effective Security Operation Center?
  • Who should we be sharing threat intelligence with and how?
  • How do we demonstrate the return on investment of our cyber security measures?


Our services

KPMG firms’ deep experience in the intelligence and law enforcement community gives us a unique perspective on effective intelligence capabilities and processes. Combined with our deep technical knowledge in cyber security we:

  • Work with organizations to design and implement in-house and government cyber intelligence functions and security operations centers
  • Help optimize aspects of current intelligence functions and security operations centers
  • Work in partnership with private and intelligence/law enforcement agencies to enhance intelligence flows.

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