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Implementing Risk-Based Strategies

Implementing Risk-Based Strategies

Our Risk-Based Strategies team at KPMG can work with your organization to turn potential disruptions into opportunities. Using a number of diagnostic tools, we can help you identify and assess potential risk-taking initiatives based on specific signals of change coming from the business environment, your industry or within your company. We can also help you incorporate risk-based strategic thinking into your organization's strategic and operational planning processes. Our approach is focused on helping you to identify and respond to disruptive changes with actionable business initiatives that create value - whether by improving operational efficiencies, addressing critical business issues or creating competitive advantages.

Our Risk-Based Strategies approach is not only a method for helping create value out of disruption - it's a mindset change. By thinking differently about risk and value, your company will be well positioned to deal with any changes that come your way.

At the centre of our approach are five key questions.

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