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Achieved results

Achieved results

All across the globe, our integrated teams of specialists have delivered tangible outcomes for clients in a range of industries, looking to buy, sell, partner, fund or fix their businesses. Our teams give practical advice to help you focus on not only the strategic issues but also the operational and financial value drivers to help produce measurable results.  

Our goal is to complete our engagement with you successfully. That means being in your corner every step of the way, and taking opportunities to help find, realize, secure and increase value – both in the short term and the long run. Here are just a few examples of the value-driving results we deliver: 

  • Helping you realize the full potential upsides or synergies from an acquisition

  • Preventing value erosion during your disposal

  • Avoiding unexpected risks – during your deal and years later

  • Avoiding long-term TSAs that impact your retained business 

  • Preventing disruptions to your normal course of operations during a deal

  • Avoiding penalties from a non-beneficial SPA term

  • Helping you comply with the covenants in a financial restructuring

  • Helping you complete a restructuring with medium to long-term performance results

  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to realizing value

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Leading global manufacturer separates fully integrated business in deal speed

A global leader of industrial maintenance outsourcing services was challenged with selling and separating a fully integrated business unit across 13 functions within 30 countries in 5 months.