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Financial Services High Growth Markets panel

Financial Services High Growth Markets panel

One of KPMG’s key priorities is to build and maintain robust capabilities, with strong global connections, in those markets that are most important to our clients. As a result high growth markets are a key area of focus for development and innovation for us in our financial services practice. 

Because of the importance of the high growth markets to financial institutions, KPMG’s financial services practice has a dedicated team investing in and supporting these markets as part of its own global strategy. This supplements our long standing capabilities in over 150 countries across the world.

An example of this is an established community of Financial Services Partners from the high growth markets, called our High Growth Markets Panel, who meet regularly to identify risks and opportunities for our clients around the world. This is a close knit network of leaders who discuss and address client issues together, share ideas, leading edge solutions and innovations to ensure we bring the optimal solutions to our clients no matter where they are.

Members of the Panel have coached and challenged financial institutions and their regulators on their strategies and operating models, for example, during client Board strategy sessions. The Panel also supports and coaches KPMG’s internal project teams delivering projects in high growth markets.

Interested in bringing the best ideas from around the world to solve your financial services issues? Contact your local KPMG representative or any of the Financial Services High Growth Markets Panel.

FS High Growth Markets Panel

Ricardo Anhesini

High Growth Markets Chair

+55 112 183 3141

Chris Whittingham

KPMG in Asia Pacific

+85 2297 88263

Omar Mahmood

KPMG in the Middle East

+974 4457 6444

Bisi Lamikanra

KPMG in Africa

+234 1271 8962

Pierre Fourie

KPMG in Africa

+278 2490 8077

Wei Keat Ng

High Growth Markets Project Leader

+44 20 73111889