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Transforming operations and technology in the capital markets sector

Transforming operations and technology in the cap...

Organizations competing in the capital markets space today are under incredible pressure to simultaneously support the overall business strategy, pursue ongoing cost efficiencies and comply with the demands associated with an evolving regulatory landscape – while at the same time working to transform their operating models to reflect the realities of a changing marketplace.

Leaders from an increasing number of firms in the capital markets sector are realizing that status quo is no longer an option. Many have begun seeking out opportunities to either exit unprofitable businesses or diversify into new areas and to cut costs. However, the traditional approach to cutting headcount and sending non-core functions offshore is no longer adequate. On the contrary, these are short-term fixes in the context of a much larger paradigm shift.

Read more about what we think it takes to succeed in times of turbulence and change.

View the full report (PDF 1.34 MB).

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Dark pools: In the spotlight

Dark pools will not be regulated out of existence. But they present a threat when the volumes traded become a significant part of market activity.

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