We Are Still Working…But Differently

Dear Valued Client,

KPMG in Jamaica is keeping a close watch on developments in the fight against the global pandemic of the new Coronavirus, in order to act in the best interests of our people and the clients we serve. The firm’s crisis management team, involving our senior leadership and key resource persons, has been actively evaluating the threats to our people and business, and adjusting accordingly.

As part of this business continuity process, we have already:

  • implemented enhanced sanitation (including bio-hazard level cleaning for some locations), installed hand sanitizers and implemented thermal screening at entry points, and encouraged best practices in hand hygiene and social distancing.
  • increased our internet capacity and arranged for team members with pre-existing risk conditions or with young children, who can work remotely, to do so.
  • arranged for self-quarantine for staff who believe they may have been at risk of contact with suspected COVID-19 cases or who have displayed flu-related symptoms. We are monitoring those team members and so far so good.
  • encouraged teams who need to work in office or at clients to continue our work as safely as possible, in order to continue to serve our clients.
  • restricted visitors to our offices and organized virtual meetings as a substitute to physical meetings. 

Now what?

Following the Government of Jamaica’s announcement on March 16, 2020, requiring greater levels of social distancing, we have increased the level of remote working and have empowered each engagement team to determine the most appropriate mix of on-site and remote working, to achieve safer workspace density, while working to support our clients

This means that some of your engagement teams should look smaller while we are working differently. You should be able to reach your engagement teams by email, mobile phones or in some cases, their desk extensions, using soft phone technology. Some teams have already been using KPMG proprietary file-sharing tools for the secure transmission of data, in addition to email transmission, where appropriate. Our infrastructure support teams will also be working remotely on rotation, so that we can maintain adequate support to our client service teams, clients and suppliers. We anticipate that with the combination of tools and work arrangements, we should be able to continue providing quality service but in different ways that alleviate the threat for our people and yours.

We are doing our part to support the national fight against COVID-19 and keep our economy going as best we can. We are grateful for the commitment of our people and the co-operation of our clients in this fight. As usual, please contact me or your engagement partner with any concerns you may have.