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INSIGHT: The global infrastructure magazine

INSIGHT: The global infrastructure magazine

Infrastructure is firmly at the top of government agendas. It’s the lynchpin of political platforms; the hope for sluggish economies; the unifier of regional diversity; the solution to climate change; an instrument for social change.


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Infrastructure is firmly at the top ofgovernment agendas. It’s the lynchpinof political platforms; the hope forsluggish economies; the unifier of regionaldiversity; the solution to climate change; aninstrument for social change. For a host ofeconomic, social and political reasons, allgovernments — at all levels — are keenlyfocused on infrastructure.

The problem is that — over the past fewyears in particular — the rules of the game have changed. As this edition of Insight magazine clearly illustrates, the traditional approaches to infrastructure delivery havebeen disrupted. And this is creating massive opportunities for some, but also significant risks for many.

This is a pivotal point for most markets and societies; many of the decisions madetoday will reverberate for generations. The great fear is that some markets may lookat all this disruption and choose to retreat inwards — to vainly try to protect their frail advantages with barriers and subsidies.

The great hope is that governments(strongly supported by their populations)will choose to redouble their integrationinto the global marketplace recognizing that,while there will be short-term pains, thelong-term gains will be immense.

In this edition of Insight magazine, we have sought to highlight both the good and the badof globalization. We hope to inspire someleaders to emulate the good and catalyze others to stamp out the bad. Moreover,we hope to clearly articulate the real and fundamental benefits that globalization canbring in this new world order and at the sametime highlight some of the risks.

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