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Insight Magazine

Insight Magazine

A semi-annual magazine providing local, regional and global perspectives on key issues facing today's global infrastructure industry.

In this edition of Insight, we asked our global network of infrastructure professionals...

In one way or another, the issue of ‘infrastructure morality’ has been front page news for years. Whether it is shoddily-built bridges and corrupt procurement processes or forced displacements and poor labor conditions, it is clear that society is deeply concerned about the morality of infrastructure decisions. So why is nobody in the sector talking about the issue? There are no books or guidelines on infrastructure morality; no training courses or seminars to dictate what is right from wrong. And, as a result, it is often left to governments, investors, policy-makers and developers to decide what is morally acceptable and what is not.

That is why we are particularly proud of this edition of Insight magazine. It tackles some of the hard issues – flash-points such as migration, corruption, social equality and affordability. And we have asked difficult questions of infrastructure leaders and executives at the forefront of the morality debate – Brazil’s construction leaders, Bangladesh’s PPP executive and the Director General of Kenya’s Vision 2030 initiative, for example.

This edition of Insight magazine also contains our Special Report on Asset Delivery, a discipline that has become increasingly important as infrastructure owners and operators strive to deliver improved capacity and customer service to users. 

Explore these themes by reading the articles below or downloading the full report.  

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