XBRL Regulatory Reporting

XBRL Regulatory Reporting

Efficient and secure XBRL reporting compliance.

Efficient and secure XBRL reporting compliance.

The Challenge

The European Financial Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) require financial institutions to file reports in a XBRL format according to the European Banking Authority (EBA) technical standards. These requirements, entailing up to monthly XBRL reporting in line with regularly changing XBRL Taxonomies, issued by EBA, have put additional pressure on reporting functions. 

Our Services 

XBRL Outsourcing Service: We enhance a simple, efficient and secure XBRL regulatory reporting. The processes of the outsourcing service have been proven when filing hundreds of XBRL reports since 2014.

Other XBRL Services: Does the XBRL Outsourcing Service not suit your institution’s needs? Do you wish to further streamline the reporting preparation process? Our specialists have extensive experience of assistance to financial institutions of all types and different sizes.

Our services cover for example the following XBRL reports, required by EBA:

  • COREP (includes IP Losses and Leverage ratio)
  • Large exposures
  • Asset Encumbrance
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio 


KPMG possesses key expertise in the field of financial information, accounting, regulatory reporting and IT. This puts us in a unique position to provide high-quality regulatory reporting services. KPMG’s specialists focus on finding the best solution meeting the clients’ needs in each case.

For further information please drop us a line through xbrl@kpmg.com

What do our clients say?

T Plús  - “The XBRL Outsourcing Service is a swift and secure way to report in XBRL format at an affordable price”

Íslensk verðbréf – “Over the last 3 years we have enjoyed efficient, trustworthy and personal XBRL reporting service at KPMG.”

Sparisjóður Strandamanna - “The XBRL Outsourcing Service is secure reporting process in terms of reliability and submission within deadlines, which we highly recommend.”

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