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Design thinking workshop participants feedback

Reviews or feedback from participants

Feedback or reviews from participants

Reviews or feedback from participants for Design Thinking Practitioner’s workshop.

"It was a great engaging workshop, learned a lot in a span of three days. I would like to attend some higher modules as well if possible. The session was very well orated with live demonstrations and activities on the modules".
Archita Shah
Artist, Space Consultant, Product and Interior Designer at a branding and marketing firm, also own a foundation for animals

The Design Thinking (DT) Practitioner’s workshop has helped me :
1. Recognise why learning designs are largely ineffective
2. Identify where we are going wrong and
3. Use DT techniques to bridge this gap.
Pallabi Banerjee
Certified NLP Coach & Practitioner; Learning & Development Consultant; Founder of a workforce development firm

"The Design Thinking course from KPMG in India has a good combination of content, rigour, structure delivered by an expert Instructor which helps me use the method effectively at work".
Sree Rama Chandra Murthy Somayajula
AVP Marketing at a premier online gaming portal.

"A truly exceptional workshop, it helped me shift my focus from ‘product’ to ‘user’. Delivered by a master storyteller, content was compelling, consistent and relevant".
Supriya Rana
Assistant manager at a leading professional services firm

"The three-day training program involved the following ingredients– well-researched material, informative, experiential learning and an empathetic facilitator. This amounts to a great experience".
Mandeep Singh Toor
Assistant manager at an innovation and incubation centre

"Taking the Design Thinking course with KPMG has changed my thinking process. The facilitator is a wonderful teacher who takes the trouble to ensure his students have understood everything that is taught every clearly and are capable to implement it independently".
Reena Shah
Sr. Project manager at a custom e-learning solutions development company

"Was very useful and interesting. Specially learned how to keep the sessions lively and packed. The instructor was friendly and a good task master".
Associate professor at an Indian business school

"Well-structured programme. Key differentiators are: 1) Three days of training is ideal for theory and hands-on practice through a case study, 2) Live projects post the training really helps in imbibing the concepts of empathy maps, customer journeys, prototyping, etc. 3) Practitioners playing the role of trainer helps in demystifying the concepts".
Rajarshi Sengupta
Lean coach and continuous improvement leader, AVP at a global solution centre 

"This course has changed my perspective on how to look at a problem by empathising with various individuals involved with the problem in the center as well as the periphery. Also, how to propose this as a business case to make it a win-win for all stakeholders and investors".
Kumudini Tiwari
Assistant manager, Content management at an ophthalmic optics manufacturing company

"Design thinking principles equips each practitioner with tools that helps us build solutions that are sustainable. The KPMG workshop simplifies the learning process while ensuring that one understands the ideology and implementation methods of Design Thinking. The group assignment gives every participant an opportunity to deliver a working prototype based on all the topics we covered during the workshop. A valuable learning opportunity".
Amanda Ellan
Product content manager II at a multinational information technology company

“Amazed by the energy and insights of the trainer”.
Saakshi Sapre
BPE manager at a multinational food, and beverage company

“The workshop was practical rather than just theory based. It was way better than some of the courses on Design Thinking I have done”.
Saurabh Jain
Associate strategy and planning at one of the fastest growing TV brands

“In today’s world of very short attention spans, the trainer had the magical ability of keeping the audience attentive, that too for a rather fluid topic like ‘Design Thinking’. I thoroughly enjoyed the three days of training and learnt a lot. Thank you”.
Charu Agrawal
DIAL operational excellence capability lead at a multinational food, and Beverage company

“The Design Thinking practitioner certification programme was a practical, hands-on exposition of a technique that’s going to be a key skill of the future”.
Niranjana Harikumar
General manager– learning and OD at a global business group

“Very nicely organised and explained by the trainer. Thanks and much appreciated”.
Amar Khanolkar
Vice president – projects and business development at one of the top manufacturer and supplier of textile components.

“The session felt customised, that summarises the entire experience on multiple fronts and passion with which the workshop was conducted by the trainer”.
Charvi Parikh
Research scholar at a global management institute

“I had a whale of a time and I feel transformed and ready for relearning to approach problems”.
Rasika Venkataraman (Dr Rasika G BHAT)
Senior manager at a healthcare advertising agency

“KPMG managed to provide a structure to the unstructured space of ‘Design’. The fact that the shared their framework with the participants is great. The trainer had high energy levels, is very likable and was able to knowledgably hold a very diverse group together. Really enjoyed it”.
Monideepa Bhattacharya
Asst. vice president at a professional service firm

“Excellent course for everyone interested in innovation in general and design thinking in particular. No notion of being creative required as a prerequisite”.
Vijay Gupta
President at a leading training and development consulting company

“I admire the trainer’s potential to challenge the status quo and that comes easily in his world. Be the same and stay blessed”.
Sahil Nayar
Associate director – human resources at a leading professional service firm

“It been phenomenal and really has transformed the way I think”.
Devidas Suse
Consultant at a leading professional service firm

“A well designed session on Design Thinking that actually helps you to become a design thinking consultant by practicing the concepts in three days”.
Duhita Dharwadkar
BPE expert at a multinational food, and beverage company

“I came with no understanding of ‘Design Thinking’ and in just three days I feel empowered to use it in my professional and personal space”.
Chaitrali Pandit
Manager- delivery at a global IT services company

“The Design Thinking workshop was practical, user-friendly and experiential”.
Radha Iyer
Professor and area chairperson - general management at a management institute

“KPMG has introduced a new tool to my creativity. It has been a delightful experience to be part of the workshop”.
Academic coordinator at a jewelry designing institute

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