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Deal Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions Tax

Deal Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions Tax

Emerging markets with growing co-operation among the national tax authorities can make understanding global and local tax regulations...

Emerging markets with growing co-operation among the national tax authorities...

Emerging markets with growing co-operation among the national tax authorities can make understanding global and local tax regulations and their implications a critical step in transactions. Our tax professionals working in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) team have the insight and experience to deliver on your requirements. We have strong working relationships with professionals from KPMG’s global network of member firms, and can leverage their expertise. Therefore, we are in a better position to understand the possible impacts of tax developments in several countries.

KPMG in India’s advantage

works closely with companies to identify tax and Within KPMG in India’s Deal Advisory function, the mergers and acquisitions tax practice regulatory issues in their transactions and provides tools that can meet the desired commercial objectives.

Tax can have a significant impact on M&A deals, hence it is essential to identify and address tax related risks and tax saving opportunities at an early stage. We recognise this fact and have worked towards meeting clients’ expectations through:

  • Professionals with relevant industry experience, from diverse backgrounds including sector experts, accounting and experienced tax practitioners
  • Combining our global focus and integrating experience in international business with intimate local knowledge
  • Working as a single practice to help provide efficient service.
  • Strict confidentiality of information

KPMG in India can assist you through the following stages:

  • Conceptualisation
    • Have detailed objectives
    • Gain an understanding of the long-term approach
    • Ideate on structures based on desired business objectives
    • Review business plans from a tax and regulatory perspective
  • Management discussions
    • Gain an understanding of the management concerns
      • Provide a trusted approach
        • Conduct a SWOT analysis
          • Pre-dealevaluation
        • Devising structure options
          • Devise tax efficient structures in line with desired operating and financial controls
            • Analysing the industry trends and evaluating feasibility of the available options
              • Starting the critical path towards the a desired structure 
            • Evaluation/due diligence
              • Assist in adopting a global approach to uncover tax risks and in identifying existing exposures in the various approaches
                • Reviewing and considering tax provisions in contracts
              • Regulatory approval
                • Assist in obtaining regulatory approvals for establishing or consummating the transaction structure
              • Execution
                • Transaction implementation
                  • Contract assistance from tax perspective
                    • Negotiation support in completion phases
                      • Thorough project management
                    • Integration
                      • Foster smooth tax integration through utilisation of accumulated tax losses and fiscal incentives
                    • Post deal support
                      • Facilitate completion of regulatory formalities
                        • Post-closure discussions with the management and its advisors

                      Our key service offerings:

                      Our M&A tax team handles ideation and implementation of M&A deals with respect to the following:

                      • Acquisition/divestment structuring
                      • Corporate restructuring: merger, demerger, business/asset sale
                      • Capital reduction, buyback, balance sheet right sizing
                      • Inbound or outbound acquisition, sale of shares/business.

                      In addition, we conduct tax due diligence, provide negotiation support and offer structuring and documentation review for private equity, strategic and financial deals

                      We also work closely with family and promoter driven businesses and help in the areas of succession, next generation handover, governance, growth, exit strategies and wealth preservation.

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