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Corporate Tax (R&D Tax)

Corporate Tax (R&D Tax)

In order to encourage investments in research and development (“R&D”), the Government of India has provided an impetus by way of various tax incentives. These incentives are available in respect of revenue and capital expenditures incurred by entities for carrying out R&D activities in relation to their businesses, and also in respect of their contributions to various institutions for carrying out scientific research. KPMG in India provides assistance to its clients in claiming the R&D tax incentives by providing services starting from the planning phase to assistance in obtaining the necessary approvals from the regulators, as well as quantifying the claim amount.

Key differentiators

  • We have a dedicated R&D team with extensive experience in providing services to clients engaged in diverse industries/sectors.
  • Our professionals can advise on matters relating to tax and regulatory implications with respect to processing of potential R&D tax benefits.
  • We can leverage the capabilities of KPMG member firms’ R&D tax teams, and provide services to multinational entities seeking R&D incentives globally.

 Key service offerings 

  • Assess eligibility to claim R&D tax incentives
  • Assistance with the implementation of systems and processes for capturing the necessary information relating to R&D tax incentive claims
  • Assistance in preparing and processing relevant application forms for recognition and approval of the R&D facility
  • Assistance in identifying the expenditure eligible for R&D incentive claims
  • Facilitating the preparation/review of R&D tax incentive claims
  • Support services for realization of R&D tax incentive claims. 

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