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In this changing world, consumers' buying behaviour and trends are changing. Products and services are not goods anymore. Customers want to have new experiences.

Hence, the big question is, how can your idea stand out?

The answer is simple. By incorporating creative thinking into it!

Design thinking is a process that uses design principles and helps organisations identify opportunities, solve complex business challenges, enable innovation, and drive business results.

KPMG in India’s design thinking bootcamp seeks to help you develop practical and innovative solutions to challenges by infusing a creative problem-solving approach. Design thinking as a method brings a human-centric aspect to the growth of the business, and at the same time, it offers practical tools.

The two-week programme will include four live teaching sessions and you will learn the following modules:

Module 1- Introduction to design thinking:

Understand design, understand design thinking secret ingredients of design thinking, the convergent divergent journey and application stories.

Module 2- Explore:

Identify a design challenge, framing and reframing of challenge statement, user identification, empathy research, identify needs.

Module 3- Ideate:

Ideation rules, generate ideas, down selection (Desirable-Feasible-Viable), idea visualisation.

Module 4- Create:

Develop prototypes, show and tell, test and learn.

Professionals and managers who need to know how to apply design thinking in their work.

The participants include:

  • User experience/interface developers
  • Customer experience officers
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Design and innovation enthusiasts
  • Educators
  • Anyone interested in learning about design thinking.

What is in it for you?

After successfully completing the course, participants should be able to:

  • Apply design thinking concept to business challenges
  • Listen to the customer — empathise to understand hidden/latent needs
  • Generate new ideas and create prototypes
  • Learn effectively with instructor-facilitated methods and tools which include case studies, individual assignments, spot quizzes, and videos.

Participants will also be awarded with a certification of participation by KPMG in India. 

Course details


  • It’s an online live programme for 2 weeks
  • There are four  live teaching sessions that will be delivered on weekends. Each session is for 90 mins
  • Live class assignments
  • Need to dedicate four hours a week

Type of batches offered

  • Corporate
  • Public.


  • A suitable virtual platform.


The progress of each individual is monitored by our instructors through multiple components such as case studies, quizzes and class participation.

Minimum requirements to complete the course are as follows, Participants should:

  • Have 80 per cent attendance
  • Finish all individual assignments.
For retail, corporate and institution enquiries, contact:
Hussein Pradhan
+91 9869250785

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