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The pace at which the current business environment is changing, has made organisations realise that their success or even survival depends on how prepared their employees are for the future. Companies are embarking on large capability development projects to reskill and upskill their teams and good instructional design is a key enabler in achieving this goal.

This realisation is driving up the need for highly skilled instructional designers in the industry, thereby providing good career growth opportunities in this domain.

Programme overview

The Certified instructional design practitioner's course aims to equip you with a strong foundation in instructional design and skills required to create impactful learning solutions and learning experiences.


  • The course has been designed to provide a strong conceptual foundation in Instructional design and then builds on it to teach the practical aspects of the discipline
  • Pedagogy includes 36 hours of interactive virtual live sessions – three days/week for six weeks, self-paced learning, extensive project and assignment-based learning, peer-to-peer engagement, and industry leader interactions 
  • You will gain hands-on experience in instructional design through projects and assignments at every step of the Instructional design process such as developing learning objectives, creating design documents, creating storyboards and assessments, and authoring learning modules
  • It will also help orient you towards becoming an effective Instructional design practitioner. You will gain insight into how instructional designers operate in a real-world L&D function and how does a typical learning project flow
  • An opportunity to earn paid internships with KPMG Learning Academy for a select few.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who is new to Instructional design and is interested in undergoing a formal training in Instructional design as a discipline. Individuals could be:

  • Freshers who are interested in pursuing a career in Instructional design
  • Technical writers/content developers who are interested in exploring Instructional design to further their career prospects 
  • Trainers or facilitators who want to augment their training delivery expertise with the knowledge of creating instructionally-sound learning materials 
  • Professionals from any domain (e.g., sales, operations) who are in roles that require them to design training programmes/learning content. 

Why enroll in this programme?

A comprehensive, job-oriented course : The objective of the course is to prepare you with a strong foundation for the practical application of Instructional design concepts in your career as an instructional designer

A practitioner’s course : You will learn straight from applying yourself on projects and assignments followed by feedback from experienced facilitators

An opportunity to work with industry experts : Through this course, you will also earn the opportunity to work with KPMG practitioners through dedicated project experience – learning straight from the business!

A peer-to-peer learning experience : You will learn from not just experienced industry experts but also learners across industries and geographies – providing you the opportunity to build a new, meaningful network

Programme curriculum

Module 1 | Fundamentals of Instructional design

Module 2 | Learning needs analysis

Module 3 | Designing the curriculum

Module 4 | Creating the design document

Module 5 | Developing learning content

Module 6 | Basics of authoring eLearning content using Articulate

Module 7 | Effective assessment strategy

Expert Talk | Careers in instructional design

Paid internships with KPMG in India

Participants of the programme will be eligible to apply for paid internships with KPMG Learning Academy, subject to the following:

  • There should be a business requirement for interns at KPMG Learning Academy
  • The applicant is not employed in any other organisation
  • The applicant fulfills the eligibility criteria of KPMG and is successful in the internship selection process. Selection process will include, but will not be limited to, interviews and the performance of the applicant in the assessments conducted during the course of the programme. 
  • The applicant clearing all risk approval processes at KPMG in India.

Please note: There will be limited paid internships and KPMG in India does not guarantee these internships for all eligible candidates.

Application process

To apply for the programme, you will have to fill in an application form.

  • Please write to
  • Your application will be reviewed for eligibility, and you will be notified of your acceptance to the programme.
  • Batches will start from 30 November 2022
  • Programme fees: INR 41,500 plus taxes

Meet the faculty

Amrita Paul

Manager, KPMG in India

Amrita is a learning designer with more than fifteen years of experience in curriculum design and capability development for large learning engagements and business transformation projects. She has designed, developed, and managed blended training programmes for several clients in the finance, manufacturing, sales and marketing, healthcare, and human resource industries. Amrita holds a Masters in Information Systems from the University of Leeds and is a Certified L&D Manager from MiddleEarth HR.


Rohin Nadir

Director, KPMG in India

Rohin has over eighteen years of experience in learning and development. In his current role, he leads capability development for KPMG in India. He has played the role of a learning strategist, solution designer, facilitator and coach and has worked across other globally renowned organisations.

He has MSc in Applied Psychology, is certified in coaching, digital marketing and hypnotherapy.


Prerna Bhatnagar

Assistant Manager, KPMG in India

Prerna has more than twelve years of experience in designing & delivering capability development solutions for the North America, Europe, and India markets. Her expertise lies in designing and delivering unique learning experiences for the client’s corporate employees. She possesses exceptional consulting skills to understand client challenges and draw insights. She has worked with organizations such as, HMEL, Yum Brands!, Accenture Consulting and Facebook, now called Meta.


Tarun Tomar

Assistant Manager, KPMG in India

Tarun is a learning transformation professional with over seven years of rich experience designing end-to-end large scale digital and human capital transformation programs. He has been designing, managing, and deploying learning programs focused on technology enablement, capability development, and cultural change. Tarun is an expert Articulate 360 facilitator.


Chandrika C

Consultant, KPMG in India

Chandrika is an L&D consultant with over five years of experience specialising in client services and team management. Her skills include project management for large learning projects and identifying training needs across levels through skill mapping and competency analysis. She holds a Bachelors in Sociology from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi and a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Bharathiar University.


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