Q-Champ, the Quality Assurance Certification Programme from KPMG in India, is intended to equip individuals with a strong competency in quality management systems. Under the gamut of the firm’s Business Excellence practice, this certification programme has been developed with the intent of facilitating and enhancing high calibre resources for quality assurance. Our professionals steering the programme have extensive experience in providing advisory services based on numerous quality framework models/standards.

The Q-Champ certification characteristically involves two levels:

  • Q-Champ Professional 
  • Q-Champ Expert.

Q-Champ Professional 

Q-Champ Professional is for the students who look to build their careers in Quality Assurance (QA) and also for aspiring associates who are interested in field of quality management and process improvement. Students are required to participate in a three-day training programme at the firm’s Chennai office, where they are required to undergo a mandatory assessment to meet the prerequisites for the Q-Champ Professional certification.

Q-Champ Professional Course topics overview:

  • Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI®)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Software engineering basics
  • Process consulting
  • ISO® overview
  • Internal quality auditing

Q-Champ Expert 

Q-Champ Expert is for professionals with over two years of work experience in the IT/ITeS sector, preferably with a QA /Quality Control (QC) background. The individuals are required to have good knowledge and insights on quality concepts and models. As part of the course, the professionals need to participate in a four-day training programme at the firm’s Chennai office, where they need to undergo a mandatory assessment to complete the requirements of the Q-Champ Expert certification. 

Q-Champ Expert Course overview: 

  • Analytical/problem solving techniques
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Business goals and objectives setting
  • Quantitative management
  • Auditors’ workshop
  • Effective process consulting.

Our key differentiators

How can these quality assurance certifications help you?

  • The Q Champ Certification standards are set through industry-wide processes (job analysis/task analysis) and are an outline of the required knowledge and skills, as many prospective employers are actively seeking qualified professionals with certain developed proficiencies.
  • After successful completion of the assessment against an existing set of standards, the identity of the selected professionals, with their permission, will be published on KPMG in India’s Q-Champ portal. The portal is expected to help increase the professionals’ visibility among recruiters and aid in enhancing their marketability.

How can they help your company?

  • Q-Champ’s set of standards can help employers elevate the quality of skills and the level of expertise of their employee skill sets with these credentials.
  • By facilitating the enhancement of employees’ key skills and their ability to adapt quickly to new technologies can help an organisation meet its goals and standards of quality more effectively, which can also result in achieving an improved level of customer satisfaction. 

Quality Assurance Certification Programme - Other FAQs

Which level should I opt for?

The Q-Champ Professional or Expert levels are based on a candidate’s experience and expertise. The Professional level is for future managers, including students and entry-level employees, who are interested in launching their careers in the field of quality management. On the other hand, the Expert level is for associates with a minimum experience of two years in the field and equipped with insights and knowledge on quality concepts and models.

How do I register for quality assurance certification programme?

For registration, please get in touch with our coordinator/s listed in the ‘Contact us’ section. 

Where do I take the training and assessment?

The training and assessment will be conducted at KPMG in India’s Chennai office 

Who would be certifying me?

The Q-Champ certification has evolved as a result of KPMG in India’s extensive research and learning from having worked with multiple Fortune 500 organisations.

All certifications shall be awarded by the firm’s Business Excellence practice 

How is the formal assessment done?

The duration of the assessment for Professional and Expert levels shall be one and a half hour (90 minutes) each and consist of an assessment of the candidates’ knowledge of core concepts and an application-oriented section (where real-time scenarios can be assessed). Candidates opting for the Professional level will be tested more on the quality concepts and techniques, giving minimal importance to practical aspects, whereas the candidates opting for the Expert level shall be tested more on the implementation and real-time application of the quality models.

What is the visibility that I would get in the industry?

After successful completion of the assessment against a set of standards, the professional’s identity  would be published, with his/her permission, on the firm’s Q-Champ portal (for both Professional and Expert levels).

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