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IT Internal Audit

IT Internal Audit


Organisations need skilled resources that provide practical insights into risks and deliver recommendations that help improve effectiveness, efficiency and governance. Further, information systems increasingly underpin an organisation's financial and operational processes. Under these circumstances, there is an exposure to increasing IT and operational risks, ranging from hacking, viruses and fraud to network failures, loss of key skills, and natural disasters. This often leads to growing IT operational costs. In addition, IT-related projects, such as Enterprise Resource Planning  implementations often fail to stay within budget.

Several leading organisations are increasingly using IT internal audit resources that provide the appropriate technical skills, experience and flexibility to meet the demands of a complex IT environment, constantly changing business conditions and compliance with legislation and regulation.

IT Internal Audit services include:

  • Identifying and assessing IT-related controls
  • Review of IT processes 
  • Information systems including Financial Reporting and Accounting Systems.

Our differentiators:

  • Improved IT governance and IT risk management through qualified and experienced IT audit resources with global experience
  • Real-time assessment of significant systems/applications
  • Gap analysis that includes security/Segregation of Duties (SoD) and outsourcing assessment
  • Robust audit findings based on external experience 
  • Some of the potential benefits from our services include:
    • Increased visibility of IT issues with the senior business management, senior IT management, board of directors and audit committee
    • Early identification of potential improvement areas/weaknesses in IT control environment
    • Lowered IT risks through more systematic, preventive, and detective controls.

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