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Financial Data Modelling

Financial Data Modelling


Spreadsheet-based models are a key tool in the pricing and evaluation of risks and rewards in project and corporate finance. However, spreadsheets are also prone to errors which, if undetected, can seriously impair business decisions. Our Financial and Data Modelling Service improves the reliability on models by helping build financial models and/or provide independent assurance on critical spreadsheets/models.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in capital investments/acquisition decisions, relying heavily on financial model. Our team can help mitigate the risks by developing a model or reviewing the existing one to provide an independent opinion on the same
  • Provision of key resources that focus more on financial modelling rather than other key elements of a project. We help develop financial models and provide support and expertise for the model.

Our differentiators:

We have an experienced team of spreadsheet modellers, tax advisors and accountants who can help design and build robust models. We can also review existing models before senior leadership commits to decisions. Through an iterative and detailed process, we verify formula integrity and identify errors or ambiguities in the model. We work with subject matter experts within the firm to help ensure that financial, tax and business assumptions are accurately translated to the model.

Our offering is supported by our proprietary Model Review Tool, which was developed by the KPMG U.K. member firm, and has been used globally for model reviews performed by member firms across KPMG’s global network. This tool aids with model testing and helps in efficient analysis of data in various aspects including data comparison, macros and arrays. 

Through the tool we can:

  • Assist in designing the project financial model/spreadsheet to support an organisation’s objectives, generating results that can be relied upon
  • Determine that the assumptions, relationships, scenarios contained in the model are as intended
  • Help ensure that the various tax and accounting policies are effectively captured in the model
  • Determine that the model is able to run key sensitivities.

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