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Cyber response

Cyber response

Incident response readiness and planning (Simulation, Tabletop exercises, Playbooks, Training and Awareness)

  • Organizations today are aware that cybersecurity breaches are inevitable and they have no options but to prepare themselves to respond to attacks appropriately.
  • KPMG’s Cyber Response team can proactively assist clients to improve incident readiness and response capabilities. So, in the event a security incident does occur, the organization is well-prepared to respond in a timely and effective manner.
  • Our professionals harness their experiences responding to incidents into maturing your organization’s incident response plans.

Cyber incident investigations and remediation (Retainership, On-call services)

  • KPMG’s Cyber Response team helps clients efficiently respond and manage cyber incidents.
  • After a breach occurs, companies need to  collect breach-related  data to secure evidence and support legal  and law enforcement investigations. To that  end, we conduct forensic analysis and detailed investigations to  determine what happened, how it happened, and,  if applicable, who  was involved.
  • We work with client to support in rapid analysis,  containment, eradication of incident and also in recovery strategy.  We follow local regulatory and compliance requirements while conducting cyber forensic procedures.

Threat intelligence collection

  • The most mature organizations anticipate cyber threats and attacks to help minimize potential impact, rather than merely planning to respond to the event.
  • Matching our industry experience with our technical skills, KPMG works closely with clients to both execute cyber threat intelligence-augmented professional services engagements and to design and implement cyber threat intelligence functions in order to help our clients understand who the threats are, how they conduct attacks, and what they are after.
  • KPMG help to develop program which will set requirement, collect, analyse, evaluate and share cyber threat intelligence

Data breach remediation

  • KPMG’s Data  Identification and Remediation service offering leverages technology to provide secure management of critical and confidential data.
  • KPMG professionals index data throughout our clients’ enterprises, identifying redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT) for remediation while at the same time helping to secure the business-critical data, safeguarding it from loss and making it available for use in the business decision-making process.

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