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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The threats from cyber adversaries are continuing to grow in scale and sophistication.

The threats from cyber adversaries are continuing to grow in scale and sophistication.


Cybersecurity is an important concern for every organisation, as regular occurrences demonstrate the risk posed by cyber attackers (individual, opportunistic hackers to professional and organisational groups of cyber criminals) that aim at systematically stealing intellectual property and/or disrupting business.

KPMG in India provides a wide range of services around cybersecurity, covering:

  • Leadership and governance – framework and capability for effective management ownership, risk management, and due diligence
  • Human factors – implementation of integrated security culture to enable and empower the right awareness, knowledge, and people security
  • Information risk management – implementation of thorough and effective risk management with the help of information acquired through organisations and their business partners (i.e. vendors, partners, etc.)
  • Crisis management – implementation of effective crisis management in the event of a security lapse (e.g. cyberattack)
  • Operations and technology – implementation of robust security architecture across the IT landscape (including within business applications) comprising technology solutions and effective detect and response framework
  • Regulatory and compliance – adherence to regulatory (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center, Reserve Bank of India guidelines, etc.) and international standards (National Institute Standards and Technology, etc.)

Our differentiators:

Our three-pronged approach to cybersecurity: which includes:

  • Find: Helping clients detect and respond to cyber incidents, understand the threats to their business, their vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Fix: Helping clients build and improve their cybersecurity, supported by the right people, organisation and technology.
  • Run: Helping clients stay secure and assured as their broader business and technology programmes evolve and mature.


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