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Cyber security has emerged as a key enterprise-wide  risk for organisations. The nature of cyber-attacks has been constantly evolving and the corresponding  risk results in significant exposure for enterprises in  various proportions.

Coupled with the digital transformation journey, this  has resulted in cyber risk moving to the front end of the business. As businesses expose themselves  to evolving technology and digital ecosystems, they  need to ensure that their cyber risk exposure is  effectively managed.

Cyberattacks in the current era have become more  specialised and concentrated, targeting specific  organisations and individuals. The impact due to  incidents has resulted in significant damage, spanning  from financial losses, disruption of operational  services to erosion of shareholder value and trust.

There is a pressing need to understand this threat  comprehensively and address it holistically.

Cyber services portfolio

KPMG in India provides a broad suite of cyber security services, bringing a business context to cyber  security for all levels of the organisation, from the boardroom to the back office.

We help organisations transform their security function into business-enabling platforms so they can  understand, prioritise, and manage their cyber security risks, take control of uncertainty, increase agility, and  convert risk into an advantage.

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